In June 2013, I was privileged to fulfil a boyhood dream and fit two adult Wedge-tailed Eagles with GPS/Satellite transmitters. These devices were mounted using special ‘backpacks’ and allow us to follow the eagles’ movements around their home ranges in the Murchison region of WA.

This is the FIRST TIME EVER such technology has been used for our largest and most iconic species of raptor.

Wedge-tailed Eagle Tracking

Wallu, the first ever wedgie to be fitted with a solar GPS/Satellite transmitter.

With the assistance of Neil H, and Gill behind the camera, Wallu is banded before release.

Gidjee, the second PTT-mounted eagle, is prepared for release after only 2 days of trapping.

To follow the progress of Wallu and Gidjee, and to read more about this unique research, visit the Wedge-tailed Eagle Tracking website.