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G’day, I’m Simon!

I’m passionate about Australian wildlife
and the environment.

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Simon Cherriman © 2017

To help spread my passion, I established iNSiGHT Ornithology in 2008, a unique, one-man environmental business which aims to ENGAGE and iNSPIRE people about the environment, mainly through the science of birds (ornithology).

It is available to provide environmental services to schools and environmental interest groups, individuals, consultants and government departments. Click on the ‘Services’ tab at the top of the page, or have a browse on this site to get more information.

I grew up in the hills near Perth in Western Australia. When I was a child, the bushland surrounding my home drew me out each weekend to explore, watch, climb and listen to the natural world. I collected birds’ nests and swam in creeks, watched kangaroos graze and skinks scurry under rock crevices. I learnt first hand how nature works and this shaped my being forever.

I’m fascinated by the link between humans and nature, how we separate ourselves from it, we depend on society for many things, but how ultimately we are just elements of a natural system. Mother Nature surrounds us and influences all that we do, directly or indirectly. She owns us and controls us.

Every weekend I had a story for my parents. How I saw an echidna foraging for termites.... how I discovered a honeyeater nest deep in a prickle bush.... how a tiny tortoise hatchling floated past me in the fresh torrent of a winter creek.

I still have these stories, but now there are a lot more people to tell than just my family. I write and use photographs, films and public speaking to help me tell the stories of the Australian bush to people. While I’m passionate about birds, I am deeply interested in other animals, plants and landscapes too, and about sharing these wonders with others. I believe that education is the most important tool in helping make a better world. So much is out there, if you just reach out, discover, and share...

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